Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Landfall Press 2014

These are snap shots of my visit to Landsfall Press in Santa Fe, NM. Jack Lemon, Steve Campbell Chris Campbell, Caitlin Peters and Daiana Oneto work like a swiss watch in this shop. I think I was able to see my own reflection on the floor. It was a great place to work in and the best atmosphere for anyone wanting to make prints. It doesn't get better than this. Watch the videos too!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Visiting Print studios in Oaxaca.

Thanks to Marietta Bernstorff for taking me around Oaxaca to see and visit people who love their work. I went to "Linotipografica Quintas" or a Lettepress shop that has been operating in Oaxaca since 1957. They work with Litho offset and other commercial processes to keep up with the times but its founder love still resides in letterpress 

This is Taller Colectivo Tamayo or a Community studio where anybody can learn Lithography, Etching, Painting and Sculpture