Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Multiple aspects from Buenos Aires.

Light in BsAs (Buenos Aires) is dim this time around. It is fall down here and almost he beginning of winter. PorteƱos complain about freezing temperatures which have been around 55 degrees F. Still these pictures capture the complexity of a city with a rich European roots in its architecture. The meaning of the September 11 in Argentina relates to one of many insurrections against the government in  the Buenos Aires province.

Friday, May 3, 2013


 Mis amigos y amigas de ACE estan listos para nuestra video-conferencia y proxima visita a los Buenos Aires en pocos dias. Gracias a todos por participar y promover el evento. Van a salir imagenes amalgamadas e interesantes. La inauguracion de Crossover es el dia 15 de Mayo seguido por el curso de transgrafica en sus instalaciones.

My friends at Project ACE in Buenos Aires, Argentina are preparing for our last skype conference today. Next time I will be able to greet them in person when we have our Crossover opening on May 15th. After that we will offer an  workshop using alternative means of production with Toner as a drawing substance and a substrate for reproduction.